Clear plug hole after unblocking drains operation in Hastings

Specialists in unblocking drains and sewer cleaning in Hastings 

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Flanders Water Power
369 Napier Rd 
Havelock North
Hastings 4180 

06 877 6785

Leading domestic, commercial and rural services

Flanders Water Power are the leading professionals in sewer cleaning and unblocking drains in Hastings. We make use of state of the art equipment and technology using drain cameras to perform exhaustive inspections. If you suspect that you might be experiencing drain or sewage problems, contact us at Flanders Water Power for friendly, insightful advice as well as to arrange a no delay inspection that could save you from an impending disaster.

Our story

Here at Flanders water in Hastings we provide customers with same day premium service whilst maintaining the highest standard in professionalism at all times.

Training and accreditation within our workforce ensure a benchmark of quality workmanship that we never deviate from, ensuring that customers will be satisfied with our services in the utmost. Our service providers are equipped with the most proficient modern technologies and are the premier experts in their field of unblocking drains and sewer clearance.

What we offer

We provide a full range of sewer cleaning and drain services to solve problems and prevent them from future occurrence:
  • Clearing blocked sewer drains
  • Clearing blocked storm water drains
  • Root cutting of pipes
  • Locating pipes
  • Accessing hard to reach drains
Unblocking drains and sewer cleaning is specialised work. Put your faith in Flanders Water Power to get sewer cleaning and drain unblocking in Hastings right!
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