The name to call for blocked drains in Hastings

For unblocking drains and sewer cleaning, we can't be beat

We'll come to your rescue without delay, give you solid advice, provide unparalleled workmanship, find your problems, provide solutions and assist you with preventing them in the future. Flanders Water Power are the ones to rely on for sewer services and sorting blocked drains in Hastings.

Specialist plumbers

At Flanders Water Power we are plumbers, however unlike regular plumbers, we are virtuosos in the fields of sewers and blocked drains. These are highly skilled areas of plumbing and require in-depth specialist training and techniques. To fix blocked drains and a range of other services in Hastings, trust the expertise of Flanders Water Power.

State of the art equipment

Flanders Water Power makes use of innovative technology and state of the art equipment including electric drain clearing machines and high pressure water jets. We utilise locating devices to sense underground pipes and detect blockages. In keeping with our tradition of practicing efficiency and precision, we use cameras and transmitters to inspect your pipes before, during and after the job is complete.

Same day, round the clock service!

Flanders Water Power is ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide lightning fast solutions to your blocked drains and sewage problems. With Flanders Water Power there is always someone on hand to help you by unblocking drains in Hastings.
A blocked drains expert lifting a pipe in Hastings
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